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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take off door panels to tint the windows?

No, we do not take off any door panels. We have the best tools that can slide the tint behind door panels with out taking them off.

Can I wash my car after I get my tint done?

Yes, just make sure you do not wipe or wash the inside of the windows.

Does the tint go on the outside?

No, the tint is prepped on the outside of the car then applied on the inside of the windows

Why does my tint look so bubbly and hazy after the installation of window tint?

The tint may take up to 2 weeks for the tint to fully dry out and cure.

Do you use chemicals to clean or apply the window tint?

We use no chemicals or toxic cleaners to clean the window or applying the tint.

What if I roll my windows down accidently before the drying period?

It most cases its ok; accidents do happen but if the window film looks as if it peeled or got damaged please contact us immediately.

Does your tint turn purple?

Absolutely not, we only use the best quality window film in the industry. We guarantee the window film not to turn purple as long as you own your vehicle or property.

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